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Single Source Project Responsibility

Global Sourcing Services provides single-source precision manufactured components for a wide range of markets and industries.

GSS has years of experience producing and sourcing CNC manufactured components for many different markets. Our parent company Rable Machine Inc was founded in 1946. Thanks to this long history, we understand the unique production cycles and quality standards that set your industry apart. We know what’s most important to you and your customers, so we can adapt our approach to ensure your needs are being met.

Volume needs may vary dramatically from industry to industry. GSS’s certified supplier network is comprised of diverse manufacturers who specialize in smaller runs as well as massive production quantities. We can find a supplier that can meet your volume needs as well as your budget. Plus, GSS works with manufacturers that specialize in a wide range of techniques beyond CNC machining, from powdered metal and cold forming to casting, forging, stamping, and beyond. Click here to check out our capabilities.

With such a diverse cross-disciplinary background, GSS has gained valuable experience that benefits our customers in wide range of industries. When you work with GSS to source your manufactured components, you can benefit from leveraging GSS as your #1 manufactured components vendor.

GSS has served dozens of manufactured components markets and industries, including:


Product development and production cycles in the automotive industry move fast, and delays can be costly. GSS can ensure rapid production of CNC precision components for automotive tier suppliers, on a schedule that keeps pace with the industry’s demand for efficiency. And with ample experience working within tight tolerances, we can deliver highly precise parts that are compatible with the automotive industry’s meticulous automated systems. Here are some of the manufactured components markets parts we manufacture for the automotive industry: Oxygen Sensors Housings, Collars, Adaptors and Bleeder Valves.

precision manufactured components markets


For commercial jets and spacecraft alike, successful flights rely on careful calculations and high-quality components that can handle a wide variety of environments. Aerospace components may experience extreme temperatures and high levels of pressure and vibration while in operation. GSS understands the specifications that are required not only in the material but the process of manufacturing as well. Here is some of the parts we manufacture for the aerospace industry: Contact Terminals, Bushings, Shafts, Bleeder Screws and Housings.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

CNC precision machining and many other manufacturing processes can produce quality HVAC components at the right prices and even more important, at the high quality our customers deserve and request. GSS can help you determine the right production method based on your drawings requirements as well as the volume you need.   Here are some of the parts we manufacture for the HVAC industry: Impellers Retaining Rings, Seat Seals and Housings

HVAC-part Adaptor Seat

Heavy Equipment, including Agriculture and Construction

From hydraulic rods to custom threaded bolts, heavy equipment components can range from small precision parts to large rods and mounting brackets that take high tensile strength materials with precise locations and features. GSS can ensure quality manufactured components that can withstand the vigorous service environments of heavy machinery and industries alike. Here are some of the parts we manufacture for the heavy equipment industry: Strobe light tubes, Spacers, Bushings and Mounting Brackets 

Flow Control Adaptor

Gas and Oil

With the wide variety of products involved in the oil and gas industry, GSS has been a leading provider in this high volume, high precision industry for many years. With the help of our parent company, Rable Machine Inc, we have created many proprietary processes to help manufacture some of the tightest tolerance products this industry offers. Here are some of the parts we manufacture for the gas and oil industry: Diaphragm Rods, Spools and Sleeves and Actuator Bodies



No matter the industry, pumps are required to meet exact standards for performance. CNC machining methods, high precision stamping, and precise casting methods can ensure the tight tolerances and dimensional accuracies required in pump assemblies. GSS has been producing products for this industry for years, which is why we are so well versed in this industry and its specifications. Here are some of the parts we manufacture for the pump industry: Spool and Sleeve Assemblies, Diaphragm Rods, Seat Caps and Stop Bars

pump market-part Flow Control Body

Music and Entertainment

Music is an art, but good music does rely on quality engineering. GSS has significant experience producing and sourcing high-quality precision parts for the music industry, including guitar slides, tuning screws, bridges, and more. Here are some of the parts we manufacture for the music and entertainment industry: Brass Slides, Heat Sticks and Rods


GSS has extensive experience in the firearms market. In the firearms industry, user safety is critical. A poorly made firearm puts the user at risk and is unlikely to hit its intended target. GSS understands the importance of tight tolerances when manufacturing precision firearm components to ensure accuracy and safe operation. Here are some of the parts we manufacture for the firearms industry: Firing Pins, Barrels, Base Plates and Handrails



Marine components must perform their designated functions in wet, corrosive environments. In some cases, CNC parts used in marine applications must protect delicate instrumentation from moisture and other environmental factors. GSS can deliver precision components made with durable materials that can withstand life at sea. Here are some of the parts we manufacture for the marine industry: Trim Tabs, Brackets, Shims and Hydraulic Cylinders

strategic material procurement House Adaptor

Seismic Absorption and Earthquake Resistance

Because CNC machined parts can be incredibly strong, earthquake-resistant structures often rely on CNC precision components to withstand the shock of both surface and body waves. GSS can help you determine which manufacturing method will result in the most resilient part, so you can deliver on your promise of safety in areas that experience regular seismic activity. Here are some of the parts we manufacture for the seismic absorption industry: Shock Tubes and Threaded Cylinders

Thread rolling

Medical and Veterinary

There is no room for error in healthcare. CNC precision medical components, such as implants and surgical tools, must adhere to much more vigorous industry standards than most machined parts. Global Sourcing Services can ensure incredibly tight tolerances on the production of medical and veterinary components to ensure compliance and protect patients from risk. Here are some of the parts we manufacture for the medical and veterinary industry: Adaptors (Inlet And Outlet), Ferrules, Core Stops and Housing Bodies


Consumer Products & Household Appliances

Many consumer products contain CNC machined components, such as knobs and dials, buttons, and housings. Whether you need original or aftermarket components, GSS can produce precision parts that match your budget. Here is a short list of components that we currently produce at high volumes all the way down to one piece for a variety of different customers: Rivets, Spring Clips and Housings

CNC Turning

Manufacturing and Tools

A smooth and efficient manufacturing process relies on well-made tools and equipment that can produce consistent results. With our long background in manufacturing, GSS can help you source the precision components you need to support your own manufacturing processes. Here are some of the parts we manufacture for the manufacturing and tools industry: Ratchet Stems, Extensions and Re-Taping Plugs


Electrical Products and Components

The internal workings of electronic devices are often housed and protected by custom CNC machined parts. From fixtures and housings to circuit boards, GSS has significant experience sourcing components for electrical devices. Here are some of the parts we manufacture for the electrical product industry: Terminals, Contacts and Electrical Housings


From engine components to custom accessories, motorcycles often contain a variety of CNC machined parts that serve functional and aesthetic purposes. GSS can procure the products you need to ensure a smooth ride and the desired look. Here are some of the parts we manufacture for the motorcycle industry: Pivot Studs and Brackets


Bicycles can encounter a lot of bumps and rough terrain while being used. Additionally, performance bicycles and small bikes for children must be lightweight for easy operation. GSS can help you choose a strong, lightweight material for resilient parts and a safe bike. Sprockets, stems, and even pedals can made with CNC machining methods. Here are some of the parts we manufacture for the bicycle industry: Suspension Caps, Suspension Brackets and Fittings


Global Sourcing Services understands the nuances and unique needs of these manufactured component markets and other critical industries. Get in touch with our expert team to discuss your CNC precision machining needs.

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