GSS Manufacturing Capabilities

Extensive single-source manufacturing capabilities

Global Sourcing Services specializes in manufacturing and sourcing complex, multi-operational parts. With strong connections with suppliers in the United States and all over the world, GSS can deliver a massive variety of components. We offer a wide range of manufacturing capabilities, including CNC machining, injection molding, casting, stamping, forging, extrusion, powdered metal, cold forming, and more. Whether you need ten parts or a million, you can count on GSS to find the right manufacturing avenue for you and handle the all the legwork associated with your project.

Global Sourcing Services has years of experience outsourcing and manufacturing components and parts domestically, offshore and in-house. We’ll leverage our certified supplier network who specializes in the manufacturing methods that will get you the best possible product at the best price. You can trust that every part is being made by an expert and meets ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Manufacturing capabilities

GSS Domestic and Offshore Manufacturing Capabilities

Complex Milling and Turning

Milling and turning are complementary techniques for precision custom parts and components. Both milling and turning are categorized as subtractive, which means they remove excess stock material to achieve the desired shape. Turning, which is performed with the stock material on a lathe, is excellent for round parts, such as ball bearings and washers. Milling differs in that the material remains stationary while the cutting tool moves around it to remove material.

GSS is connected to a vast global network of expert precision manufacturers, but many of the best milling and grinding experts in the business are located right here in the United States. From simple x and y axis milling and turning to complex multi-axial milling and turning, GSS has you covered.

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Horizontal Milling

Horizontal milling is ideal for making heavy, deep cuts into stock material. GSS has strong relationships with domestic and offshore manufacturers that specialize in precision horizontal milling. Many times, when horizontal milling is utilized correctly, it is more efficient and cost effective the higher the volume is. Horizontal milling machines are highly customizable and are extremely efficient, meaning that the customers overall costs are lessened with production.

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Multi-Spindle Machining

Multi-spindle machining is a machining technique that applies multiple tools to a workpiece at once, eliminating secondary processes. It’s an efficient and cost-effective method for high volume production, allowing customers to take advantage of economies of scale. Global Sourcing Services can help you determine whether multi-spindle machining is the right technique for your project.


When a product design calls for exact hole sizing and placement, precision drilling is the ideal method for achieving accurate placement. Drilling can be combined with other CNC precision machining techniques to create the final product. Many times, precision drilling can be utilized in large drilled and tapped holes in a large array of different materials.


Casting is a production technique with roots in the Copper Age. Liquid material, such as metal, is poured into a custom mold and cooled to create a final product. Nearly all manufactured goods contain cast components. Because it offers high reproducibility and excellent material utilization, casting is also a popular choice for the automotive and aerospace industries. GSS has years of experience sourcing cast parts for a variety of applications and can help you choose the correct casting process to suit your needs.

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Plastic Components

As plastic materials become more advanced, more and more industries are adopting plastic components for new applications. GSS works with reliable suppliers to produce highly precise plastic components, customized to match your design needs.

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Honing and Grinding

Honing and grinding are related techniques for removing material to create a rounded shape. Both techniques are highly repeatable and deliver a precision finish. Whether you’re looking to achieve a taper, a curve, or other shape, GSS will work with you to determine the right approach to producing exactly what you need.

Stamping Components

Stamping components are produced by punching metal or another material into a desired shape. The process is fast and cost-effective, making it a popular method for many price-sensitive industries. Stamping components can also be highly customized by combining multiple stamping methods, such as blanking, bending, piercing, and more. GSS has years of experience executing complex stamping jobs and can help you choose the most cost-effective way to create your desired stamped component.

Cold Forming

Cold forming is a fast and efficient method for shaping components and parts. A single piece of metal is moved through tool and die cavities to achieve a specific shape, resulting in a quality surface finish and consistent, accurate dimensions. Because cold forming relies on shaping rather than cutting or shaving, this process results in less scrap material than other methods. Cold forming is often used for very high-volume products such as bolts, spacers and fittings of many shapes and sizes.


Wire EDM

Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM), also called wire-cut EDM, is a highly precise technique that utilizes heat from electrical currents to cut through metals. Wire EDM is an excellent choice for precision machining, such as intricate geometries and tooling, and very hard materials. Wire EDM delivers a smooth finish, which may eliminate the need for a secondary finish.

Thread Rolling

Thread rolling is a metal forging process. Metal stock is rolled through dies and deformed, which leads to the formation of threads on the surface. GSS can source thread rolled components to match your exact specifications.

Thread rolling

Assembled Components

GSS can produce and deliver complex assembled components to streamline your manufacturing process. Assembled components range from simple to highly complex assemblies, utilizing techniques such as brazing and rivet systems. Since GSS is so well versed in many different manufacturing processes, customers allow GSS to provide all the pieces and parts to an assembly as well as assemble it here at our headquarters, making GSS the ultimate one-stop shop.



Forging is the process of heating, deforming via compressive force, and finishing a piece of metal. Forged parts are excellent when high strength is a priority. Shaping techniques for forged parts have evolved far past the traditional blacksmith’s hammer. While hammers may still be used, manufacturers also utilize custom dies and other sophisticated methods to create the desired shape. GSS will often source forgings and machine them to a customers desired need.

Extrusion of Plastics and Aluminum

GSS can deliver custom extruded parts made from a variety of plastics and aluminum grades. The extrusion process forces material through a custom die to create an end product with clean surfaces and perfect proportions. Extrusion can produce hollow or solid parts with great dimensional and geometrical accuracy. Extruded parts are strong and stable, with a reputation for reliable performance.

Powdered Metal

Powdered Metal components are often higher in the scale of volume because of the tooling and die work needed to produce a finished component. Powdered metal components are almost always a cost reduction effort because of the material utilization that is involved with the process. Powdered metal production resembles cold forming and forging processes based on the forces needed to compact and form the product that is needed.